Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Market The Nursery Collection

Above is Beverly Walden's Crib Frame that is hanging in her studio. It is an 6" 18x36 Crib Frame in Strawberry Parfait with Milk Chocolate Wavy Trim and Milk Chocolate Dots. In case you are wondering, the images of the baby are on a template. You can purchase this template as well as 2 others made for the Wild Sorbet crib frames by just going to "Resources for Photogs" on our blog.

A Great Idea that has worked for many, can work for you.

For best results, read thru all of this.

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What the Collection Consists Of:
  • 18x36 6" known as "The Crib Frame"

  • 15x30 4" known as "The Changing Table Frame"

  • 16x16 6" known as 'The Accent Wall Frame" (or 15x15)

  • Set of 10x10 or 8x8 Trimlings*

*These are optional to receive the 10% discount on the entire collection.

How Do I market it?

Glad you asked! The ideal way to market this collection is to incorporate these frames into your baby plan. This will probably be your 'Mac-Daddy' baby plan. Anyway, this is the first step.

Next, you plan for it. When Mom comes in for her maternity session you simply ask her during small talk, "By the way, what do you plan to hang over your crib?" More than likely she will grab her hair in frustation and say "ARRRGGH...I have no idea." (Trust me, I've had 3 nurseries and this is the hardest part to plan for) Then, you come to her rescue. You calmly and very matter-of-factly lead her to the crib frame that you have on display in your studio and explain to her that she can pre-order this awesome frame and when baby comes in for her 2 week session she can fill it with a beautiful storyboard of her precious new baby and ........she can even bring in a piece of her bedding and have the frame custom color matched. (for a nominal fee, of course)

After explaining the crib frame, you go on to intorduce her to the changing table frame (4" 15x30) that can be filled with a beautiful print of baby at her 3 month session. And the 16x16 Accent Wall frame which is perfect for a 9-up portrait. As if that is not enough, you can also offer her a set of 3 Trimlings. (these are optional) These are perfect for the hall way leading to the bay's room, the bath room, or just an extra wall in the nursery. All of these frames are sold as the "Nursery Collection".

How to Sell it

Once you have incorporated the frames into your plan, you explain that all frames are ordered but colors, trims and designs are chosen after each session. She does not have to decide on every frame immediately. Most Moms choose to order the Crib frame as their first one but they can be sent in any order. You then order the entire collection from us, you receive 10% off and we send them to you as you call.

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